Something Fishy

100_1311Our long suffering goldfish, Mr. Jaws, finally got a new tank! Mr. Jaws is 6 years old and one of the biggest fish i have ever seen 🙂 For a long time now we have been talking about getting a new tank so he could have the space to enjoy himself and to help cut down on the need for so many water changes! Big fish = Lots of fish poo!!!!

Now even though we were talking about it, we kept putting it off, until The Hubby took the initiative and surprised me last week with a whole new tank and cabinet. I didn’t even mind putting together the flat pack cabinet!

So after a little DIY and a lot of rearranging furniture, Mr. Jaws took up residence in his new home 😀


As you can see Mr. Jaws is not the only one to really love his new tank! Poppy seems to think it’s a new heated bed just for her!

It’s quite sturdy though, so no chance of her falling through and getting up close and personal with Mr. Jaws!

However, all is not totally rosy in the underwater garden. Despite the new tank, or maybe because of it, Mr. Jaws seems to have developed a spot of bother, white spot in fact or Ich. He doesn’t seem too under the weather at the moment and I’m hoping if I get the treatment first thing tomorrow when the pet shop opens, he’ll make a full recovery.


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~ by fortheloveofcats on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Something Fishy”

  1. crikey, my gang would have a field day with a fish 🙂
    I’ve rescued three birds from their clutches already this week, not to mind the poor critters that didn’t quite make it. I’ve been presented with a couple of rabbits as well and a couple of field mice. Tis all go! 🙂

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