Some Recent Photos

DSC00400  DSC00424 DSC00379 DSC00387


Here are a few recent photos of the family 🙂 The first one on top is Mr. Jaws old tank, now home to 14 tropical fish (we’ve had a few casualties, sadly!). In the next shot Oliver is shown in one of his new favourite spots, the kitchen sink!! Not sure what that’s all about, maybe it’s cool for him in this warm weather we are enjoying lately. Then we have a close up of one of our new tropical babies, next we see Poppy showing off next to her portrait, hehehe. My last photo features Poppy again, showing her for the true sun worshipper she is :D, she will seek out any patch of sun light to bask in, often on her back, legs sprawled everywhere!! Such a lady!

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~ by fortheloveofcats on June 29, 2009.

One Response to “Some Recent Photos”

  1. Very nice photos. I especially liked the one with the cat laying in the sunshine.

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