Spam, Simon’s Cat & New Years Resolutions!

Belated Happy 2010 to all 🙂 There seems to be so much to update on since my last posts i’m not sure where to begin!

Poppy & Oliver are doing fine and looking forward to the new year ahead to see what treats await them! Today for example Oliver discovered a new passion…Spam! I will not go into how a tin of Spam made it’s way in to this food lovers kitchen, suffice to say the Hubby is a bit of an impulse shopper! However it did not go to waste, Oliver could not get enough of the stuff. So one more thing to add to Olivers odd food favourites…Spam, burgers, olive & tomatoe pasta, cheese, red wine and coffee (the latter two he just likes the smell of!).

Oliver seems to be completely back to himself now. I’m still not sure if he was possessed or if the strain of moving caused a bit of a nervous breakdown, either way he hasn’t shown any signs of aggression in months and hopefully I will not get savaged anymore 🙂 That’s No.1 on my list of hopes for 2010! I can safely say there is little else more scary than being attacked by your own cat! Well the scars are almost gone (the physical ones anyway!!) ;p and he is still my big ol’ Fur Baby.

Speaking of which my favourite cartoon fur baby got his own book! Aptly titled ‘Simon’s Cat in his very own book’. It is very funny, the Hubby got it for me for Christmas and it’s one of my favourite presents. Simon Tofield has also done a new movie which you can check out below 🙂 Very fitting for the recent weather we had! Enjoy.

Check out more Simon’s Cat here.


~ by fortheloveofcats on January 25, 2010.

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